Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Aisle

As you may have noticed we got engaged in December of 2009 and it is currently May 2011 and we're not married yet. In fact we don't even have a wedding date yet. Life just kept relentlessly, well...happening.

We knew we would get married before the official proposal, but first the economy went south and then SURPRISE! I was pregnant. It was a difficult pregnancy and I spent most of it on bed rest (and in the end delivered 6weeks early). I didn't bounce back from pregnancy very well and when Riley was 8months old I had spinal fusion surgery. It's a procedure where they insert a rod into your spine to keep it straight. Fun stuff. It was an absolutely horrific ordeal and requires 2years for full recovery. Once I was well on my way to my old self, minus the debilitating back pain, it was time to leave the house our family of four had out grown. So, now we're settled and my thoughts have returned to the big day.

The show must go on...

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